Mindfulness practice for beginners

Welcome to the journey of Mindfulness, a path which every step is an opportunity to discover more ease, cultivate self awareness , and embrace the richness of the NOW moment. In every day life we experience some up’s and down’s .They are inevitable , and its much better if we have our shock absorbers ready , so we manage them with more ease . Mindfulness guides us to pause, breath, and connect with the essence of our being, where all the solutions and ease are . whether you’re taking your first step to the practice or returning with a renewed spirit, this guide is made with the intention to be your companion on the road to your Inner self . Together, let’s explore the art of mindfulness .It is a timeless practice that invites you to savour the beauty of life unfolding Here and Now

Find a quiet space

Find a comfortable quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight , you can lean back against wall if it makes it easier for you .Well you can do it even lying down but be careful not to fall asleep. If you fall asleep it is ok.it means you needed a rest, take it easy , and do it when you are more fresh. Be sure what you’re wearing is comfortable enough .Set aside 10 to 15 minutes for yourself .Switch off your phone . If you want to have a calm relax music ,it’s better to be a music without words ,not to distract your mind . But having a music is optional .Again, do it how better does work for you.

Focus on your breath

Close your eyes , Pay attention to the normal rhythm of your breath. Notice the sensation of each inhale and exhale. Notice the rising and falling of your chest or your belly , notice the sensation of the air passing trough your nostrils .If your mind wonders , and its very normal, just softly bring it back to your breathing again , you can count your breath if it makes the practice easier for you. Be aware of your breathing. Observe that.

Do a Body scan

After few minutes of breathing mindfully, now bring your attention to your body, starting from your toes ,choose the right foot or left at first ,does not matter which one you start with , just do it one at the time. notice each part just in your mind, without watching or moving it. Slowly move to your waist area ,then on to your chest , hands , shoulders , neck ,and head. Scan all your body. Notice if there is a tension or discomfort in any area of your body, and allow the area to relax . Now slowly back to your breath. Take 3 deep slow breath and then slowly open your eyes .Now notice how you are feeling. How much this body is important . It raises the appreciation level in you. Stay in that feeling as long as you can ,take that with you wherever you go after the practice.

Observe your thoughts

As you practice mindfulness ,rising thoughts is inevitable . At first maybe your mind wanders every few seconds, its absolutely normal. Be kind to yourself ,do not judge your thoughts, just watch them and gently bring your mind back to focus .

Do this practice as comfortable as is for you, if you can’t do it everyday, at least do it 3 times a week. I suggest make a plan for your practice according to your lifestyle and set your time for doing that .Repeat it ,and be perseverance. It will help you in every area of your life .

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OK . Yes it is that simple yet it is highly game changing. As we together explored what is mindfulness steps for beginners, I invite you to carry gently wisdom of present in to your everyday life, and bring your attention to small changes you are going to see in every area of your daily routines . The effects of mindfulness extend far beyond that few minutes of practice in quiet space, embrace the journey of self awareness ,knowing that each breath is a renewal and gives you another chance to dance with the rhythm of your own being.

In modern life that sometimes it seems time is never enough ,and we do not live but run only and look like we can’t do anything about it, Mindfulness has become a sanctuary . It’s not about escaping reality , but rather about diving into it with a clear mind and an open heart.

As you navigate trough daily life , Mindfulness guides you to your inner peace. Allow it to be your compass. Cherish and cultivate it.

Remember, is a gift you give to yourself ,a present moment wrapped in awareness. True essence of this practice lies not in perfection ,but in presence. It allows you to be more in contact with you, with your being . It helps you to find thousands possibilities , which lie in each present moment . Mindfulness is not a destination it is a lifelong journey , the journey that unfolds with every breath you’re taking. As time passes , you become more expert in being fully in present moment , while you walk or eat or talk or any other thing you do, and you will find more joy in each day and it leads to much happier meaningful life. It become a lifestyle ,not only a part of life.

As we are closing this chapter together, I suggest you do yourself a favour and start practicing mindfulness . Enjoy it above all. Take your time .and notice when and where is works better for you.

It will be great if you share your experiences with me . Tell me how you feel after each time practice and if you notice any difference in your mood . Please leave a comment, It will be helpful for everybody .

And of course I am here to answer your questions about your journey ,and I hope this article guides you to better and deeper serenity and understanding of your Now moment.




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  1. Great article, I love this kind of topics. I really like the image you used, it actually gives you a sense of peace. I liked how you explained each step you have to go through in order to enjoy the present moment and the experiences you have when you start practicing this kind of meditation. Now that I have used the word “meditation”, I would like to touch on the only aspect that was a little unclear to me, I do not know exactly what “mindfulness” refers to, it is a kind of meditation, I suppose. I think I would have liked to know more details about this because it resembles the exercises my psychotherapist used to do in the past. This type of exercise helped me bring myself back to the present because I was actually living only in the past and the future. I practiced for a long time, but I knew how because I knew exactly what the exercise meant, what it meant and why I was doing it. I think I would have insisted more on the definition of this type of meditation, why we do it, what are the benefits, I think I would have gone a little deeper into the subject. Overall, I really liked what I read.

    1. Hello and thank you very much for your beautiful comment, Mindfulness  brings your attention to the present moment and what you are doing now . It helps you focus more. Meditation helps you to calm your mind , In fact  in meditation you practice emptying your mind, Then you can receive the impulses from universe more easy. Both practices a bit are look alike, and  both of them help well being .Mindfulness encourages awareness, Is actually a type of meditation, or we can say It prepares you for better meditation practice, When you learn how to be aware of what you’re doing now, then is easier to practice meditation and make your brain calm and empty of thousands thought. 

      I hope its helpful.

  2. Forgetting the past and not entertaining the present moment carries enormous value to your mental and physical well-being.

    Breathing and relaxing your body parts sequentially from right toe to the left, then working words is called “Sarbangasana.” It is Pranayam of high value.

    It sounds simple if you take some time from your busy day and calm yourself lying straight on the ground or a bed and exhale and inhale. The inner peace and connection to your consciousness brings enormous benefit.

    I slept during the session many times. Then wake up.

    I loved reading this post, and it is written well. The image is awesome and brings tranquility.

  3. Your guide to mindfulness practice for beginners is very helpful. Your emphasis on finding a quiet space is something I can easily incorporate into my daily routine. It’s encouraging to know that mindfulness is not about perfection but about presence. Thank you for sharing and creating a guide that feels like a friendly companion on the path to mindfulness.

    I found the link you shared for further guidance, and I shall read more. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Ela

    A very good article. and its very helpful. You won’t believe this. Actually after reading your article, I actually put it into practice. I felt very fresh. It was like something heavy on my shoulders has been removed. I like it I’m going to practice daily.

    Tel me will I be right to say that this mindfulness is similar to meditation. I’m saying this because it goes along similar lines with meditation.

    Thank for this good article, I like it,


    1. Hello and thank you for your comment.I am happy it was helpful for you. They are similar yes. Maybe you will like my article about “Fun mindfulness activities for everyone” too. Enjoy the unfolding of well being .

  5. Hey Ela, your guide to mindfulness is a game-changer! Not just that, but also, your tips on finding a quiet space and focusing on breath are so relatable. I love how you emphasize self-kindness when thoughts wander—it feels like you’re right there, cheering us on. The body scan? Genius move! Can’t wait to weave this into my routine and share the results. Thanks for making mindfulness feel like a friendly journey – not everyone has that skill. 

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